“Here to serve: Jesus, each other and the  community”

Welcome & Important Update…

Gleneagles Anglican Church formulated a vision, over 10 years ago, to build a new church and community centre in the parish. With much prayer, fundraising and along with support from the Diocese, we have purchased a plot of land, completed preparatory works, and received planning permission for our original scheme.

However, we have not, yet, received sufficient funds to start construction.

The PCC has recently spent a long time discussing the situation. They recognised that a lot is changing both in our church and in the world and God has been speaking to us through these circumstances: funding has not yet been provided; the pandemic has caused us to re-imagine what church is and will be; our Vicar, Melvyn, is retiring and a new Vicar will be arriving soon and many thousands of houses are being built on our doorstep at Glenvale Park. So the PCC unanimously decided in June 2020 to ‘actively pause’ the building plans to allow the whole church space to pray about and seek God’s will for us. Things are uncertain to us, but we know they are not uncertain to God.

This is not a cessation of the project, but is a very active pause. As a church we will start to look again at the ministries we are, and should be, involved in. We will consult again with the community. Our new Vicar will lead us into God’s developing vision for our future and our physical home. We continue to pray as we look forward with excitement for what God will continue to do amongst us. God’s Got More!!!

The Project has undergone a number of iterations over recent months to try and achieve our desired end point – these are documented on our Project Documents Page – so for those who are interested in the technical side of things please take a look.

If you have any observations or want to contact us regarding the Project and its future please use the Contact Us form on our Church website… https://www.gleneaglesanglicanchurch.co.uk/

“The Lord builds”  – a message from Melvyn Pereira – Vicar of Gleneagles

July 4th, 2015

Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house the builders labour in vain.”

A brief history of the building project

“Whilst praying about Gleneagles Anglican Church in March 2007 on the day before…”[…]