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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Building Project Update – January 2013

Throughout the Summer and Autumn we have continued to work on our plans aided by the team at Provision who have done an excellent job in turning our thoughts into workable drawings.

Provision’s work has also been focussed on interpreting the many layers and contours of that pile of dirt at the end of Farm Road and working out how to site the building at just the right level to obtain the maximum economical benefit, some will have seen the drilling rig and chaps with theodolites.

At last on the 9th January 2013 we received confirmation from Wellingborough Council that our Planning Application has been validated and now enters the various consultations and we are informed that within 13 weeks, i.e. by 9th April 2013, we should have a decision.

Our Planning Reference is WP/2012/0542 – if you are interested in getting into detail there are loads of documents on the Wellingborough Council website – Planning pages.

Please continue to pray. Thank You