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Chris Gledhill

Building Project Update January 2014

By now many will have heard about the grant of our Planning Permission. In January we are having a Week Of Prayer for the many aspects of Church Life both here at Gleneagles as well as Locally, Nationally & Internationally. As with our other Prayer events an update to aid Prayer for the Building Project has been produced. This one for January 2014 is quite detailed and gives us our “bottom line” Building Project figure – please read and join with us in prayer for our needs to be supplied.

Thank You.

Latest News – April 2013

A couple of things – firstly we went to planning on the 3rd April and sadly we didn’t get through upon our first attempt. The Planning Committee have deferred the application whilst we go back and have another look at the amount of parking wec have on site – currently it is 27 spaces. There was a lot of comment about this amongst the Planning Councillors and I think this was fair comment. We need to ensure our impact in Farm Close is that of “good neighbours” and often there nothing worse than pressure on parking spaces to cause bad feeling. The Councillors generally had a lot of very positive comment about the project which is good news. We are starting some discussions with the Council to see if we can use/buy/rent the scrub land at the back of the site. Watch this space!!!

Secondly there is a Gleneagles group heading off to do the 3 Peaks Challenge in May. Some will be doing this as a fundraiser. More detail will come shortly in the Fundraising area of this site.

Building Project Update – March 2013

Since our last AGM a lot has happened. We’ve met on a number of occasions both as Building & Finance Teams and as joint Teams.

Since the last report, MayWay Construction the initial constructors have merged with ProVision and this merger brought an injection of alternative design ideas.

To balance this and ensure we were happy that we had considered other alternatives, we approached another architectural practice and invited them to provide an alternative scheme. Price wise there wasn’t a vast difference between them but we did notice the difference in approach and design which focussed our minds and lead us to choose Provision (MayWay) as our Architect and Constructor.

Perhaps the most key development has been the submission of our Planning Application.

This planning process saw a lot of activity both by us and also by ProVision and we have had some enjoyable times considering alternatives and solutions particularly around the area of access. I have to say we have been very well supported thus far by the ProVision team and because of their experience of both church building projects and being practising Christians this has meant short lines of understanding our needs.

This is due to go before the Planning Committee of Wellingborough Council on the 3rd April 2013.

In the last AGM report I reported that the project cost was around £1.2 million. Since that time ProVision have come on board and redrawn the building following our request for the possibility of a first floor and presented us with additional items that would be needed if that was our final decision.

We had a joint Building and Finance team meeting in February where we spent time going over those additional items, we took the view that we would trust God and look to the future and build in a future extension now. This has pushed our final total up to £1.6 million.

Again we shall look to the expertise of ProVision as we look to exactly how we raise £1.6 million they will be helping the Finance Team draft a document that can be used in approaching funders.

A more detailed report will be published at our Easter Day of Prayer.

Chris Gledhill

Building Project Update – August 2012

To date our Building Fund account stands at £26,000.  A further £3500 has been pledged to be given this year as one-off gifts.  A further £650 is given each month to the Building Fund.   By September 1st we need to have  £35,000 in the account.  We are currently on target to have £27,300 by then – this gives us a shortfall of £7,700.  if we receive the pledged £3500 the shortfall is £4200. Continue reading