“Here to serve: Jesus, each other and the  community”


Funding News

Great News!! We have been awarded a grant of £23,000 from ALLCHURCHES TRUST LIMITED. This is fantastic news and a great encouragement. ALLCHURCHES TRUST LIMITED are the owners of ECCLESIASTICAL INSURANCE GROUP and have been instrumental in supporting a very diverse cross section of society meeting many social needs. See their website – http://www.allchurches.co.uk/

We are very grateful for their support.


CAF Bank £400,000 Mortgage – Heads of Terms Received

CAF Bank have given the thumbs up to the Gleneagles Church Building Project.  Having studied the details and looked at the church finances over the past five years CAF Bank have produced heads of terms for a mortgage for £400,000. Gleneagles Church will not, of course, take out the mortgage until we are within £400,000 of the total cost of the project.  This means that our building fund is effectively now up to £568,680 and our target is now £1,315,142

Please keep praying with us that we reach our target as soon as possible so that we can get on with the task of building God’s Kingdom here and serving our community in as many ways as we can.  Thank you.

“The Lord builds” Update on our building project – June 2015

Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house the builders labour in vain.”

Brief history of the building project

Whilst praying about Gleneagles Anglican Church in March 2007 on the day before my interview for the job I’m now doing, I felt God say to me “This church needs a building”.  During the interview Phil and Jacqui, the two Churchwardens, told me that the church wanted their own building and that they had asked the Archdeacon what they needed to do to get one.  From 2007 to 2010 we didn’t do much about it other than make some enquiries.  It was an important time of waiting on God – to make sure that this was God’s idea and not our own

In October 2010 during 20 days of prayer to celebrate Gleneagles Anglican Church’s 20th Birthday. God spoke very loudly about the new church through several people.  At the PCC and Leaders Day in November 2010 all agreed that we must explore the possibilities being convinced that God wants us to build his kingdom here and he wants to build us a church to help us to do that.

Wellingborough Council had pointed us to a site adjacent to the Ock and Dough pub.  In May 2011, the PCC met at that site and prayed seeking God’s direction for an hour.  After praying decided unanimously to purchase that land being convinced that God was directing us.

We didn’t have any money to buy the land but God knew that.  A month or so later Archdeacon Christine told me that the Diocese had decided to buy the land for us, so in August 2011 the land was ours.

Having considered 3 quotes we chose to appoint Mayway / ProVisionUK as our architect / builders, two Christian firms that had recently merged.

In November 2011 we had our first Gift Day and launched our Building Fund

It took about a year and many meetings to finalise all of the plans.  In November 2012 we applied to Wellingborough Planning Committee for planning permission – in April 2013 we were told we did not have enough car parking.  Following some delays we went to Planning Committee again and in December 2013 were granted planning permission. Now we could launch our major funding appeal.

It took some months to prepare our main proposal brochure (which you can now view online via our website.)  Finding that we lacked experience and knowledge in the area of major fundraising we were delighted when the Peterborough Cathedral Fundraising Team contacted us in July of last year offering their help.  Now we are working closely with them to raise the required funds.

In April this year we past the 10% mark of the total required of £1.8m.  Now we are nearly up to £200,000.  We are praying and expecting that 2015 will be a big year for us.  Please pray with faith with us.

All along God has repeated this message – “Build my people and I will build your church.”  We must continue with the task of being Jesus’ arms and legs, proclaiming the gospel, reaching our community, blessing each other, blessing others, making disciples – and He will build the church.


Melvyn Pereira


Building Project Update – January 2013

Throughout the Summer and Autumn we have continued to work on our plans aided by the team at Provision who have done an excellent job in turning our thoughts into workable drawings.

Provision’s work has also been focussed on interpreting the many layers and contours of that pile of dirt at the end of Farm Road and working out how to site the building at just the right level to obtain the maximum economical benefit, some will have seen the drilling rig and chaps with theodolites.

At last on the 9th January 2013 we received confirmation from Wellingborough Council that our Planning Application has been validated and now enters the various consultations and we are informed that within 13 weeks, i.e. by 9th April 2013, we should have a decision.

Our Planning Reference is WP/2012/0542 – if you are interested in getting into detail there are loads of documents on the Wellingborough Council website – Planning pages.

Please continue to pray. Thank You

Building Project Update – October 2012

We included our Building Project into our October Day of Prayer. As a part of that day we put together a short Bible Study to aid Prayer based on a few chapters from the Book of Nehemiah. You will find this study in the Information Page, please feel free to use to continue in your prayers.