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Building Project Update – July 2012

The project started off as a physical reality in August 2011, when, with significant help from Peterborough Diocese, Gleneagles Church managed to purchase land for our new Church Building! 

Our Land

Our Land

Having met in Redwell Junior School, for 21 years we are growing

desperately short of space for our congregation.

We have a vision for a building which will be used not only for church

activities but as a resource for the entire community.

We approached Mayway Construction very early in our preparation and

received an initial set of drawings.  We developed these in our discussions in the Building Management Team getting closer to the building we wanted.  Following comments from members it was decided to seek an alternative proposal to help us to work through that process.

Our primary aim was to select a developer we could work comfortably with and so we felt it was right to get a range of ideas and approaches.

In addition to Mayway’s submissions we had a proposal from Stimpson Walton & Bond (SWB) and both companies entered into discussion with us to seek a way of presenting a building design that met our needs.  We also consulted with ADP, a company that

specialises in community buildings.  Fairly soon we eliminated ADP and focussed on the proposals brought by Mayway and SWB.

Both Mayway and SWB submitted altered designs — but then Mayway announced they had gone into partnership with another company, ProVision, who also wished to submit developed designs based on Mayway’s initial submission.

We met on the 16th May and had 3 designs to lay out side by side.  It was a great meeting and as we pored over the 3 drawings it was quite clear to us all, unanimously so, that the design submitted by Mayway’s new partners was the one for us to proceed with.

That is the design that is currently on display on the table in the School Hall.

Where to now?

Firstly – A word of introduction to our Builder & Architect — Mayway now known as Pro May comprises  Architects, Designers, Project Managers and Builders. As a combined

company their particular expertise is in the area of Church Building and a significant

number of the senior people in both Mayway and ProVision are committed Christians and in sympathy with our style of Church worship and life.  It’s great that we can pray together at our meetings.

Websites: www.provisionuk.com & www.mayway.co.uk both have examples of the

projects they have completed between them

Secondly — we are now engaging with them on a practical/technical level.  Having

established the overall design we are currently into detailed discussion on room design, air conditioning, exact placing of storage areas, heating choice, audio-visual equipment, etc.  We are very close to the final detailed plan.

ProMay Design

If we get the funding building could commence in January 2013. Please pray.

Once we have made the final decisions ProMay will seek to obtain Planning Consent. This is a vital step — we need to get this done for two reasons…

  1. No Planning Consent = no Church!!
  2. Planning Consent will form a very important part of our applications to grant making trusts and the like .

Needless to say Planning Consent comes at a price — it is estimated as being in the region of £35,000.  Up to now, ProMay have not charged us anything for their submissions and several meetings we have already had so we haven’t spent a penny of our Building Fund as yet.  But it starts now.

On the front cover we have a special graphic which shows how our fundraising is going, a large version is displayed in church and is broken up into sections. Each section or shape represents £100,000.

To date our Building Fund account stands at £26,000.  A further £3500 has been pledged to be given this year as one-off gifts.  A further £650 is given each month to the Building Fund.   By September 1st we need to have  £35,000 in the account.  We are currently on target to have £27,300 by then – this gives us a shortfall of £7,700.  if we receive the pledged £3500 the shortfall is £4200.

Please pray that we will receive the pledged £3500 and a further £4200 in the next six weeks so that we can go ahead with planning consent as soon as possible.

The overall cost of the building is still around £1,250,000; these latest meetings will refine that price into an accurate figure that will be written into the contract.  There will be an additional cost around the equipment (chairs, tables, PA equipment etc.) needed to kit out the building, but Pro May have access to companies that will be able to supply such items at competitive rates and this will form part of our next round of discussions.

Once we have Planning Consent our Building Project Funding Team can finalise the “Project Brochure” that will go out with our various funding applications.

I hope you are as excited and challenged as I am.

If you want to do some reading around building projects, read the first seven chapters of Nehemiah and consider just how everybody, at every level of skill and ability, all came

together to get some building done. It didn’t look easy and it was most probably quite scary but as Brother Andrew says –

“If your vision doesn’t scare you, then your vision and your God are too small.”

ProMay tell us that Planning Consent can be obtained in three months and that they will be able to begin building in January 2013 if we have the necessary funding to enable them to commence.  Keep praying, keep believing; soon we will have what we have been

longing and praying for.

Chris Gledhill—on behalf of the Building Management Team.


“You are the God who performs miracles.  You display your power among the peoples.”

Psalm 77:14