“Here to serve: Jesus, each other and the  community”

Bench-marking the NW Wellingborough Dev.

New Horizons, a group of planners and faith groups in Cambridgeshire, commissioned the Three Dragons planning consultancy to develop guidance on the provision of faith facilities in the Cambridgeshire part of the M11 growth zone. This study recommended:

“That facility provision for faith groups should be made in all developments of 2,000 or more dwellings. This is based on a standard land provision of 0.5 hectares of free land (or its equivalent) per 3,000 homes to be used by faiths for the most appropriate type of provision. This standard should be applied on a pro rata basis to larger sites, with land allocated in either a single location or spread across multiple locations.  Developments of 2,000–2,999 units would also be expected to make provision of 0.5 hectares for faith use. The rationale for the 0.5 hectare figure is based on experience at Cambourne and in Milton Keynes, which suggests that a site of less than 0.5 hectares is too small to provide adequate space to serve a growing congregation and support a range of community facilities.”