“Here to serve: Jesus, each other and the  community”

Churches Together in Wellingborough

The Christian Churches in Wellingborough are working together so that, where one of their traditions is in a position to locate a new congregation in, or relocate an existing congregation to, any of the development areas, it is supported in such a move by the other member churches.  This is with the expectation that the congregation would formally and clearly offer an ecumenical welcome and that any worship space would be available for worship by other denominations at the invitation of the host church.  CTIW is therefore strongly supportive of building congregations to serve new developments and has expressed support for Gleneagles Church in our plans to build a church to serve the existing Gleneagles Estate and the potential new development to the north-west of Wellingborough.  Gleneagles Church is affiliated to Churches Together in Wellingborough and Priest in Charge, Revd Melvyn Pereira, is currently a member of the CTIW Executive Committee.