“Here to serve: Jesus, each other and the  community”

Why do we need a Church building?

Currently there is not a single church building of any denomination in this area.  This means that residents have no church they can go to for Weddings or Funerals.  Technically, residents can have children baptised at Gleneagles Church, but very few parents want their children baptised in a school hall and in the last five years we have conducted baptisms for only two families.  This is in stark contrast with St Marks, our nearest neighbouring parish, where Baptisms are conducted almost weekly.

Gleneagles Church has worshipped in the local primary school hall for 22 years, but the church community is now reaching the capacity of the building.  Currently the area served by Gleneagles Church lacks a building large enough for public worship and which is recognisable as a church serving this community.  The lack of a suitable community building also limits the range of activities that the church can offer to the local community.

The further growth planned for the area with the proposed development to the north-west of Wellingborough of 3000 houses will double the catchment area of Gleneagles Church.  Obviously, this factor doubles the need for a church building which will also serve as a community facility in the long-term.

The existing ministries of Gleneagles Church include:

  • Sunday Worship including Sunday Club for children and Tangent for teens
  • Kids for Christ mid-week children’s club
  • 3:16 mid-week Youth group
  • Two mid-week Youth homegroups
  • Messy Church – interactive monthly event for young families
  • Children’s Special Events
  • Annual Children’s Holiday Club
  • Mums and Tots
  • Men’s Ministry programme of events for men
  • Women’s Ministry programme of events for women
  • Homegroups for fellowship, bible study, support and care
  • Café Church – church but not as you know it.  User friendly style interactive event.
  • Parenting Course
  • Training Events
  • Community Chaplain – Rev Melvyn Pereira is known through the Gleneagles Social Club / Vicarage Farm Community Association to be available to anyone in the community as Community Chaplain.

Limitations are placed on several of the above through the lack of having a church building.

Ministries we would like to develop include:

  • Additional Services – Mid-week / Sunday evening / Traditional services
  • Groups for the over 50’s e.g. Keep-fit, Luncheon Club.
  • Serving the homeless / disadvantaged in Wellingborough
  • Drop in centre / Café
  • A sending church – training and sending out workers
  • Nursery for under 5’s
  • Partnership ministries working with other local organisations
  • Community Events
  • Debt help/advice
  • Counselling
  • Skills training
  • Marriage Course
  • Care / support networks
  • Youth work in the community

We would also be eager to invite community groups to come and use the facilities.  Groups that are charitable organisations, such as Scouts, Guides, Sea Cadets, etc., will be charged minimal amounts to cover costs.  Other groups will be able to hire the facilities for regular activities, conferences and events.

We believe a church building which can act as a centre for the community will be a real and sustainable asset for the area.  This will be a building which is recognisable as a church and used for church services and activities and which is also available for community use six days a week with a wide variety of activities for all ages and community groups.